What to Win, Who to Thank

EdcampHBG SponsorsWe are fortunate to have some great sponsors this year. First a huge THANK YOU to Harrisburg University for hosting us again. Food is always appreciated, so thank you to PAECT for sponsoring breakfast, Eduspire for sponsoring lunch, and Squirrels for sponsoring dessert (and some prizes below).

The following are all the great prizes that you will have a chance to win in our raffle. Check out the products and the sponsors.

Free professional education workshop registration (x2)
  • From Harrisburg University
  • Harrisburg University is a private university that offers Masters (MS) degree programs in Science and Technology, like Learning Technologies. The professional education workshops range from ‘Engaging Learning: Creating a Multiplayer Classroom’ to ‘Designing Learning for Mobile Devices’ to ‘Active Learning Specialist.’ There is more information posted on the HU website.
  • From TechSmith
  • Snagit screen capture allows you to grab an image or video of what you see on your computer screen, add effects, and share with anyone. 
  • From TechSmith
  • A easy but powerful screen recorder. Easily record your screen movement and actions or import HD video from another source. Customize and edit content on both Mac and Windows platforms.
Pro-Teacher Account + 100 Students for Storybird (x3)
  • From Storybird
  • Simple tools help you build books in minutes. Storybird works on any device. There is free account or pro account options.
School Subscription to Flocabulary for a year
  • From Flocabulary
  • Flocabulary is an online library of educational hip-hop songs and videos for grades K-12. Flocabulary engages and inspires students (they get upset if they miss the Week in Rap). One of their goals is to foster a love of learning in every child.
Vocabulary Spelling City Account (x2)
  • From VocabularySpellingCity
  • VocabularySpellingCity provides spelling, vocabulary, writing and language arts activities for K-12 cross-curricular word study. We created the site to automate spelling tests to give students immediate feedback. We aspire to provide students with engaging games to motivate study and promote academic success.
Storyboard That! Teacher Account + 200 students for a year (x2) 
  • From Storyboard That!
  • Storyboard That! is the world’s best online storyboard creator. Teachers in every subject can have their students create amazing storyboards.  To see an example, check out the teacher guide to Greek Mythology.
Zaption Pro 1-year Subscription (x2)
  • From Zaption
  • Zaption is an interactive video platform with ready-to-use, customizable video lesson. Zaption is free to join and get started, the Pro subscription adds greater interactivity and management tools to your video lessons.
  • ALL Edcamp Harrisburg attendees get a trial of the Pro version for 60 days!
Squirrels are responsible for the next three prizes (THANK YOU!)  * * *
  • Squirrels software (Reflector, AirParrot and Slingshot) provides wireless solutions for collaboration and presentation needs and is used by educators around the world. Different options for a variety of devices.
Jot Pro Stylus for an iPad or Smartphone + $30 iTunes Giftcard  * * *
  • From Squirrels
  • The Jot Pro Stylus will work on an iPad or a Smartphone. It is the best non-active stylus for iPad. The sound dampening tip simulates natural pen and paper contact for a smoother and quieter stroke. It is my favorite stylus.
$50 Starbucks Giftcard + Coffee Tumbler * * * 
  • From Squirrels
$25 Starbucks Giftcard + Coffee Tumbler * * *
  • From Squirrels
Box of Goodies
  • From Newsela
  • “Read closely. Think critically. Be worldly.” Newsela is this year’s new favorite tool. Newsela makes it easy for an entire class to read the same content, but at a level that’s just right for each student. There are some resources to show you more about the potential for Newsela:  Quick Start Guide, Webinar, and 5 Easy Ways to Use Newsela.
Bag of Goodies 
  • From Edutopia
  • The mission of Edutopia is “dedicated to improving the K-12 learning process through innovative, replicable, and evidence-based strategics that prepare students to thrive in their students, careers, and adult lives.” The website provides vetted blog post by respected educators and people invested in education.
Bag of Goodies
  • From BrainPOP
  • BrainPOP creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. Students love Moby and the videos! There are a mix of free and subscription resources.
Water Bottles (x5)
  • From Common Sense Media/Graphite
  • There are many free resources offered by Common Sense Media, such as Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum, Graphite for helping teachers discover new tools and resources, Professional Development for Teachers, as well as resources for parents. Disclosure: I am a Graphite Certified Educator, but it is because I see the value in curating great tools and providing honest, unbiased feedback when something doesn’t meet learning needs.
Pens, Pens, and Temporary Tattoos
  • Everyone will get some useful information about different tools as well as interesting maze pens from ABCYA and comfortable pens from TechSmith.
  • ABCYA.com provides games and apps for kids. Most of the games are labeled as elementary, but there are some topics that a quick game review has been useful in the middle school too.

Yes, you must be present to win. Please thank one of our sponsors on Twitter #edcamphbg.

I hope you are as excited as I am! See you tomorrow morning for a great day of learning and mingling!